Applying principles of big data to the workplace and talent analytics


Not surprisingly, there is growing enthusiasm among practitioners (e.g., talent analytics) and scholars in fields such as industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology, organizational behavior, and human resource management to apply principles of big data to better understand and improve the workplace. This chapter provides an overview of the research and practice of big data in the workplace. It strives to showcase current trends and discuss future potentials for big data to advance workplace science and practice. The chapter is organized into three primary sections. First, it discusses content areas where big data has contributed to (a) the study of the workplace and (b) application in talent analytics. Second, the chapter provides a survey of related big data sources, methodology, and tools that could potentially be used by interested readers. Finally, it discusses challenges of, and provides recommendations for, incorporating big data in workplace research and practice.

Big Data in Psychological Research

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Song, Q. C., Liu, M., Tang, C., & Long, L. F. (2020). Applying principles of big data to the workplace and talent analytics. In S. E. Woo, L. Tay, & R. W. Proctor (Eds.), Big data in psychological research (p. 319–344). American Psychological Association.

Chen Tang
Chen Tang
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